Terrace Heights Ranch & Farm in Ashcroft

Terrace Heights Ranch & Farm

Savona, BC

  • Agriculture & Food Production
  • Farm fresh produce in season
  • Fresh eggs and meat products
  • Spray-free field

Meet Jim & Cairn Davies

Jim & Cairn Davies is the owner of Terrace Heights Ranch & Farm

Jim and Cairn Davies purchased their farmland more than two decades ago as an investment in their future. These are supposed to be their retirement years, but so far any rest that might be associated with the idea of retirement has eluded them. Of the 26 acres they own, they grow produce on about an acre and a half of it (Jim sometimes tries to sneak more rows of seeds in than the previous year), and they fit a lot of produce into it. “You name it, we grow it,” Cairn says laughingly. They also have apple trees and occasionally meat products, particularly lamb and bacon.

When they first purchased their farm, they were raising veal calves, but the economy took a downturn and their veal production suffered. They were advised to turn to produce farming instead. It just so happened that, around the same time, the Ashcroft and Clinton Farmers Markets were just starting up. The timing was perfect. They have participated in both markets for many years and they have developed a good reputation throughout the region.

One of the things that Cairn enjoys about selling produce at the markets and directly to customers from the farm is the ability to have personal interaction with them. When they run into people around town, “they know us and they ask us when we’ll be at the market and when our produce will be ready,” says Cairn. In fact, many people ask for produce to be reserved for them months in advance. Cairn and Jim like doing business this way, and the personal interaction also gives them the opportunity to thank their customers verbally. “We really do appreciate our customers, and we tell them that face to face.”

Fresh. Vibrant. Healthy.

Terrace Heights Ranch & Farm, nestled in the sunny and fertile Thompson River Valley, produces more than a dozen varieties of garden produce. Produce may vary from year to year and has included early peas, leeks, garlic, kale, beets, beans, squash, potatoes, tomatoes and more as well as melons and apples, fresh eggs, honey and bacon (dependent upon availability). All meat products are processed in a government-inspected facility. Terrace Heights Ranch & Farm is the only local producer of pickling cucumbers, available on a first-come, first served basis from late summer to early autumn. Terrace Heights is a spray-free farm with a focus on earth-friendly growth practices. Terrace Heights Ranch & Farm products are available seasonally at the Ashcroft Farmer’s Market, the Clinton Farmer’s Market and directly from the farm.

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  • Savona, BC
  • Canada

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