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Brooke Haller Photography

Ashcroft, BC

  • Arts & Hand Crafts
  • Media
  • Weddings
  • Local individual and family outdoor portraiture sessions
  • Landscape photography and digital imagery
  • Wedding and event photography

Meet Brooke Haller

Brooke Haller is the owner of Brooke Haller Photography

For Brooke Haller, Ashcroft is a photographer’s paradise. “We live in a landscape with stunning visual imagery that makes for beautiful and unique backdrops,” she states. She feels continually inspired by the natural beauty of its ruggedness and never tires of taking pictures of the area. The slough is just one of her many favourite local spots and photo ops.

Brooke confesses that she became a professional photographer, “by accident.” It began as a keen interest in photography. As she started experimenting, she was immediately hooked on looking at life through a lens. Her work began garnering attention, and eventually people began to seek her out for her work. Brooke is thrilled to have a career that she is so passionate about, one that gives her the opportunity to express her creativity on a regular basis, and she is grateful for the flexibility that being an entrepreneur allows her to have. Above all, she relishes the idea that a beautiful picture has an enduring quality and an ability to bring back a wonderful memory instantly.

For Brooke, photography is both a job and a hobby, and it is closely connected to her other love: the outdoors. She gets outside whenever she can, and usually has her camera in hand when she does. She likes to explore new places, and she never comes home without pictures of her finds.

Creative. Artistic. Natural.

Brooke Haller Photography believes that life’s special moments are worth reliving. From the wonder in a young child’s eyes to the interplay of a family to the adoring gaze of lovers on their wedding day, Brooke Haller expertly captures those fleeting moments, immortalizing them so that they can be re-visited and relived again and again. Brooke Haller Photography provides a range of photography services including individual and family portraits, wedding and special occasion photography and landscape photography. Her intimate familiarity with the Ashcroft region provides clients with a plethora of artistic choices, locations and backgrounds for their personalized photography session.

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  • Ashcroft, BC
  • Canada

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